I’ve always had a theory that your best friend is the person who knows that if you die in a horrific, sudden accident, it is his or her job to completely wipe your hard drive. I’ve had some google searches that were to settle bets (“human penises growing on body parts”) and satisfy odd curiosities (2 girls 1 cup) and I will admit that’s a few of the more decent secrets my history knows. I don’t want the memory that my family and friends hold of me to be tarnished by my google history. Or perhaps it’s my “one or two” songs that I “burned from a friend’s CD” that will bring the ASCAP knocking on my door with some hefty fines. This nifty little how-to is a quick fix to those worries; giving that best-friend-to-be easy instructions on how to save your saintly appearance well after your untimely demise.


~ by candyshanks on July 18, 2011.

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