This is absurdly ridiculous and I will personally smack anyone I see using this.

Ok, here goes my tirade against morons with cameras. If you just spent $XXX on an iPhone, and $250 on a mount for what must be an awesome lens that you bought (for another $XXX) for a camera you don’t own, you just spent possibly close to $1,000 to look like a twat. Call me a snob, but I don’t care how much you spend souping up your iPhone to take awesome photos, you’re still taking them on a phone. And call me a darkroom snob, but this is why I have an unfondness toward digital photography. When you can’t take 400 photos per hour and are limited by your film length, more time and attention goes into each frame and thus the frame has more value, if only to the person clicking the shutter. </rant>


~ by candyshanks on July 12, 2011.

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